‘the Purpose And Impact Of Some Treatments Were A Mystery To Me.’ Over The Course Of The Week, I Had A Battery Of Blood Tests, Abdominal Examinations, Spiroergometry Performance Diagnostics Of My Heart, Lung And Circulatory System Performance, And Even An Applied Kinesiology To Test My Body’s Reaction To Certain Substances (an Approach Widely Questioned By Practitioners Of Traditional Medicine).

What happens inside Bollywood’s favourite detox retreat From Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, they have all checked in at VIVAMAYR, Altaussee. Here’s what it is like inside As a relatively healthy, active person, I really didn’t know what to expect of my seven-day post-fashion week retreat at VIVAMAYR. The clinic sits on the shores of Lake Altaussee, about an hour and half from the tiny Salzburg airport, in a postcard-perfect corner of Austria I had never visited before. VIVAMAYR is famous for attracting the best of Bollywood [Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt] and Hollywood, international politicians and the fashion flock—but how would I react to it all? Photos: Jeff Spicer, Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images Much of what you read about taking the world-famous Mayr cure is about the benefits of weight loss, anti-ageing and detox, all of which come as a natural byproduct of the taking ‘the Cure’—the daily ingestion of natural salts to aid intestinal cleansing and digestion, the consumption of very small healthy meals with spelt, buckwheat or soy bread for ‘chewing training’, substitution of missing vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and lots of time for rest and contemplation. ‘The purpose and impact of some treatments were a mystery to me.’ Over the course of the week, I had a battery of blood tests, abdominal examinations, spiroergometry performance diagnostics of my heart, lung and circulatory system performance, and even an applied kinesiology to test my body’s reaction to certain substances (an approach widely questioned by practitioners of traditional medicine). I was then given a personalised series of more than 30 treatments to help me destress and detox during my stay. From detoxifying electrolysis footbaths, which turned water bright orange after 15 minutes and daily functional training exercises personalised to address my lower back issues to daily abdominal massages. The purpose and impact of some treatments were a mystery to me.

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