She Advises The College’s Pre-medical Club And Pre-medical And Pre-dental Students.

“Students were particularly attentive when she utilized some of her personal experiences to give greater reality to her objective points,” noted Phil Buckenmeyer, chair of the College’s Kinesiology Department. “Theresa’s wealth of experiences was clearly a selling point to her presentation.” When teaching a variety of undergraduate and graduate level courses, Curtis combines lectures with interactive higher order critical thinking questions to elicit student responses. “Her questions were ‘tiered,’ i.e., sequenced, affording students the opportunity to build gradually on their comprehension of the material presented,” Buckenmeyer said. High expectations, combined with challenging, rigorous and continuous feedback characterize her grading policy. Students have responded by giving her especially high points in their course-teacher evaluations (CTE) of her performance. “Love the presentation, energy and charisma,” one student noted in a CTE. Curtis chairs the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee. She advises the College’s Pre-Medical Club and pre-medical and pre-dental students. She addresses curricular issues on behalf of graduate students. “I find no greater joy than transforming an undergraduate student into a confident young scientist,” Curtis said.

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